The elections in Afghanistan and the USA's foreign policy

The Toledo International Center for Peace (CITpax) and the European think tank for global action (FRIDE) organice a breakfast working session with Brian Katulis, Senior Fellow of the Center for American Progress.The aim is to share with the audience his experience as an independent international observer in the delegation financed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) during the presidential elections in Afghanistan, celebrated last August.Foundation for International Relations and Foreign Dialogue

Reframing of the political and social debate in the Caucasus region. Discussing cross-country initiatives

Istanbul (Turkey), 27-28 June 2009In the framework of the project “Reframing the Political and Social Debate in the Caucasus Region”, the Toledo International Centre for Peace (CITpax) has organised the conference “Discussing Cross-Country Initiatives”, to bring together representative actors from the Caucasus region to discuss –with a regional scope- on topics of common interest that are pertinent to promote cross-border security and conflict resolution as a final goal.With the financial support of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the meeting is proposed as an exploratory facilitation Read more...

The military and the civil population in peace missions: introducing a cultural approach in the armed forces’ operations abroad

Madrid, European Commission Delegation in SpainA group of experts in international relations, security and defence affairs, met at the European Commission Permanent Representation in Madrid, to analyse jointly the specific problems arising from the interaction between the militaries and the civilian staff in peacekeeping missions and the civilian population in conflict theatres. Thus the seminar explored how a cultural approach may be introduced or enhanced during the planning and implementation of peacekeeping missions.This exercise starts off from the evidence that ‘a bad relationship betwee Read more...


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