Turkish perspectives on a changing Middle East

The Middle East is going through large political changes with volatile  dynamics. The primary diplomatic processes aimed at developing some stability in this complex scenario are the negotiations with Iran over its nuclear issue, the Israeli-Palestinian talks, and the many efforts at ending the terrible crisis in Syria. The rapid and shifting domestic political changes across the Arab world are also creating new political variables that will have to be taken into consideration. Turkey is a key player in almost all these dynamics, and is also affected by them.CITpax organised jointly with Read more...

Present and future of negotiations with Iran

A closed-door round-table was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain with experts on Iran and Spanish high-level officials. Presentations were given by Javier Solana and Shlomo Ben Ami, following an introductory speech by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain, José Manuel García-Margallo. The event was organised in collaboration with the Spanish MFA, and took place on 26 November 2013.

Iran: Ideology and nation-building

On 25 October 2013, CITpax organised a public lecture by Professor Ali Ansari (University of St. Andrews), a specialist on Iran and author, among other publications, of the book The Politics of Nationalism in Modern Iran. The conference was held in Madrid at the headquarters of the Instituto de Empresa (IE), and was organised in collaboration with the IE, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain and the City of Barcelona.


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