Another Year without Peace? The Politics of Israel and Palestine

Debate organized by Fundación Alternativas and CITpax

Friday, 28 January 2022 - 12:00 CET

This debate organized by Fundación Alternativas and CITpax will focus on the current political dynamics both in the post-Netanyahu Israel, on the one side, and in the occupied Palestinian territories (Gaza Strip and West Bank) and Jerusalem, on the other. 

We will make a re-assessment of the political barriers and opportunities regarding the reopening of negotiations, including: Israel: military actions, government’s settlements policy, human rights violations and apartheid; Palestine: Hamas violence from Gaza, Palestinian Authority’s lack of transparency and undemocratic practices; or the persistence of illiberal trends in both sides. 

We will also discuss the new priorities, obstacles and opportunities for Spain's politics on Israel/Palestine, both bilaterally and in the EU framework. One key question is whether Spain could play a more pivotal role at EU level and, if so, how.


Shlomo Ben Ami, Vice President of CITpax and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel

Polly Bronstein, Executive Director and founder of Darkenu

Dalal Iriqat, Vice President of the Arab American University Palestine

Sami Abu Shehadeh, Member of the Knesset for the Joint List

Presentation and moderator:

Vicente Palacio, Foreign Policy Director, Fundación Alternativas


Itxaso Domínguez de Olazábal, MENA Coordinator at Fundación Alternativas

Emilio Cassinello, Director General of CITpax


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