Claudia Medina

Director, CITpax Colombia, Bogotá

Claudia Medina is Director of the Toledo International Centre for Peace in Colombia as well as co-Director of the International Observatory on the Law on Peace and Justice (Observatorio Internacional DDR-Ley de Justicia y Paz) in Bogotá. Prior to that she held a number of positions at CITpax in Madrid, namely: Project Director and Researcher, Desk Officer, Andean Region Programme. 

Her research areas include international criminal law; rights and policies towards victims of armed conflict; international human rights; and the localization of global trends in transitional justice. She holds a LL.M. degree from Yale Law School, a MA in International Relations and Foreign Trade from the Escuela de Negocios in Madrid and a BA in Law from the Universidad Carlos III, Madrid.

Languages: Spanish, English, French