Colombia: State of Play


During the meeting that took place at the HQ of the Telefonica Foundation, the Vicepresident of CITpax Shlomo Ben Ami analised the current state of play of the peace process in Colombia. Mr. Ben Ami highlighted, from his conviction that the negotiations have reached a point of no return, the many successes achieved so far as well as the challenges posed not only by the great complexity of the closure of the process but also by the management of the post-conflict scenario. The meeting chaired by Josep Piqué, President of the board of CITpax, was attended among others by the Ambassadors of Colombia and Norway as well as members of the Corporate Advisory Council and the board of CITpax (ABERTIS, AIRBUS; BBVA, COLONIAL, FCC, INDRA, OHL, REPSOL, SANTANDER, TELEFONICA and representatives of the Spanish Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs as well as AECID and the Corporación Andina de Fomento)