Georgian and Abkhaz perspectives on conflict resolution and human security: a joint research initiative to build confidence

Brussels, 31 March 2009. Co-financed by the European Commission

The aim of the exercise was to explore and raise the main issues currently faced by local populations in the conflict area around Georgia and Abkhazia: the interaction between both communities as well as with international actors deployed on the ground.

This meeting marked the conclusion of a project that sought to increase the understanding of joint interests, which the neighbouring Georgian and Abkhaz communities have in the spheres of human rights, security and regional development.

This meeting marked the conclusion of a project that sought to increase the understanding of joint interests

Since March 2008, CITpax has been facilitating this research and dialogue process aimed at contributing to a common understanding of the consequences that the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict has on the populations living on both sides of the Inguri river, thus in the region most affected by an enduring situation of deprivation of human rights, forced displacement, political and communal tension and sustained isolation. The process of engaging research intends to introduce a parallel perspective between the parties without ignoring, on the other hand, the political differences at stake.

In order to be able to influence policies for the region, Civil Society’s cooperation on areas of mutual concern should be adequately encouraged and supported, even before the conflict has been settled at the diplomatic level. The conclusions of the dialogue and research process undertaken in the framework of this project show that there is enough common ground for such Georgian-Abkhaz cooperation at civil society level, and this is the message that we wish to put forward on the 31st of March before a wide audience in Brussels.

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