Water and renewable energy as tools for self-management of local communities in Lebanon

Water and energy are basic resources, the management of which could be significantly improved in Lebanon, both locally and nationally. The country has considerable amount of water but citizens have shortages. The energy is insufficient and poorly distributed. Although many problems have to be managed at the national level, there are several solutions that could be introduced in local areas provided that the right systems and processes are implemented.

With funding from the Aquae Foundation, CITpax has launched an initiative to help develop sustainable water management and promote renewable energy at the local level in Lebanon. It has done so through a pilot project in the municipality of Antoura, with a small urban population (around 4,000) and some farming activity. The process will be participatory in nature and will involve local people, including youth, the municipality itself and the private sector. It is expected that it will help create a context and an incubator for new models of local government and a new understanding of citizenship in Lebanon and beyond. In strategic and regional terms, it has the potential in the long run to become an instrument for peacebuilding.