Human security and civil-military cooperation

In partnership with CIDOB and the Ministry of Defence, CITpax organised this seminar which tackled the need for and possibilities of cooperation between civil and military structures and forces in international peace operations in terms of humanitarian aid and crisis and conflict resolution.

Both the civil and military components are undoubtedly essential for the success of operations and indeed in order to promote human security and to ensure the recovery of the country being assisted and the welfare of its people. The need for cooperation comes from international community objectives and particularly EU foreign and common security policy, which aims to support economic and social development and political stability in countries that find themselves in situations of conflict or crisis. 

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Civil and military cooperation in situations of conflict

The project arose out of a seminar in partnership with the Ministry of Defence, which brought together experts in peace maintenance operations to analyse the essential collaboration work between the armed forces and civil authorities. In particular, the cases of Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq were discussed. At the end of the seminar, an evaluation session was held which included thoughts on civil and military cooperation ideas in Spain and the reforms needed.Read more

The military and the civil population in peace missions: introducing a cultural approach in the armed forces’ operations abroad

Madrid, Instituto Universitario “General Gutiérrez Mellado” In July 2009 CITpax organised a first workshop with the participation of experts in international affairs, security and defence, to analyse the importance of cross-cultural awareness in the resolution of international conflicts. The name of this first workshop was “The Military and the Civil Population in Peace Missions: Introducing a Cultural Approach in the Armed Forces’ Operations Abroad” and it was organized with the crucial support of the Spanish Institute of Strategic Studies (IEEE) and with the collaboration of the European...Read more

The military and the civil population in peace missions: introducing a cultural approach in the armed forces’ operations abroad

Madrid, European Commission Delegation in Spain A group of experts in international relations, security and defence affairs, met at the European Commission Permanent Representation in Madrid, to analyse jointly the specific problems arising from the interaction between the militaries and the civilian staff in peacekeeping missions and the civilian population in conflict theatres. Thus the seminar explored how a cultural approach may be introduced or enhanced during the planning and implementation of peacekeeping missions. This exercise starts off from the evidence that ‘a bad relationship...Read more