Strengthening Civil Society in Iraq: Training Seminar on Conflict Resolution and Human Rights

Madrid - Toledo (Centre for Political and Constitutional Studies)

CITpax, in coordination with Al-Amal and the Centre for Political and Constitutional Studies, organised the third training Seminar on Human Rights issues and Conflict Resolution techniques. A selected number of participants, representing different regions and ethnic and religious groups will participate. The objective was to train future trainers that will multiply the tools and skills considered during the workshop.

In previous years, CITpax, in collaboration with the Iraqi association Al-Amal, carried out two training Seminars on prevention and conflict resolution issues addressed to Iraqi women. The first workshop took place in Sulaymaniyah, north of Iraq, in July 2006. The second workshop was held in Madrid, in May 2007, and included a rich debate on the role of women in the Spanish transitional period.

Within the framework of the social, political and institutional reconstruction of Iraq, the re-definition of the role played by civil society, as a key actor in the peacebuilding process, is a crucial element towards the stability of a country that, in the last years, has witnessed how violence has replaced dialogue and peaceful coexistence. At the same time, the increasing sectarian violence and the ongoing human rights abuses that shake Iraq reveal the need of identifying ways and mechanisms for intra and inter-community understanding, in line with the spirit of the Alliance of Civilisations and in compliance with the principles enshrined in the International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law.


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